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Sadinian Embassy meet up south kensington



In the heart of London, surrounded by Covent Garden on one side and the financial district of the City on the other, there’s a small street, home to one of the foremost social science universities in the world, the London School of Economics. Here almost nine thousand students can find the departments of Economic History, International History and more at Sardinia House.


We are talking about Sardinia Street and why we decided to choose the name “Sardinian Embassy of London”.

There is a history behind the name, as the introduction might have suggested: Sardinia Street was the home of the Sardinian Ambassador in the United Kingdom and his house was originally the only entrance to the Sardinian Chapel in Duke Street, which still stands today. Inside the Sardinian Chapel, you can still find a crest with the Four Moors flag.

We see the Sardinian clubs and associations around the world as little embassies, embodying our unique history and culture, our peculiar music and our own language.


It is by combining the past and the future,

our history and our vision, that we picked Sardinian Embassy as a name, and we passionately commit to build a community

of ambassadors, proud representatives

of our homeland in London and

the United Kingdom.

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